Get to Know Pyure’s Stylists: Chelsea Pettis, Mario Tridente and Crystal Pratt

Here at Pyure, the best salons in Wellington, Boynton Beach, Aventura, and Coconut Creek, we are all about hiring exceptional talent to carry out our mission to help our guests look and feel their absolute best. And we have some incredible artists on our team doing just that. We want to highlight some of them and give you a chance to get to know them better and see some of their amazing work.

Source: Chelsea Pettis

Chelsea Pettis, @Paintedby_chelsea on Insta

Favorite thing about being a stylist: I love making my guests feel like the most beautiful versions of themselves, and being a part of making their hair dreams come true!

Years in the industry: 5 magical years! I have been with Pyure Aveda for a little over a year, and I work at the Aventura location.

Favorite Aveda product: I am living for the new Nutriplenish moisturizing oil! It leaves my hair feeling so healthy and looking so shiny!

Specialty: I love doing balayage and fashion colors!

Source: Chelsea Pettis

Most meaningful experience as a stylist: I once had a wonderful girl who had been through a horrible hair journey come in. She’d had so many different hands in her hair; it had gotten to the point to where she had no other choice but to cut all of her long and luxurious hair off. When she came to me in tears telling me her story, I knew I had to do everything I could to help her.

About a week later, I spent the entire day shaping her cut, fixing her color, and putting in extensions to give her some length back. After about six hours she saw what we’d done and burst into tears, telling me she’d never felt so beautiful! It was at that moment I knew my purpose in this industry was to get people to feel, not just look, their very best.

Fun fact about you: I served five years in the U.S. Army Reserves.

Source: Mario Tridente

Mario Tridente, @Mariobydesign on Insta

Favorite thing about being a stylist: My favorite thing about my job is the pride I feel when I invite guests into the salon. How it creates that open-mouthed, wide-eyed “oooh woooowwwww” effect as I give them the tour.

Years in the industry: I have only been a licensed Cosmetologist for about a year now, but my passion for it makes it seem like much longer. I started working at the Aventura Pyure Aveda location in October of 2019.

Favorite Aveda product: My favorite product right now is hands down the new Nutriplenish line. It has amazing results on every head of hair. It’s truly a unique and powerful product that’s so versatile.

Specialty: My favorite type of work is blowouts with curls and men’s cuts. Kind of an odd combo, but I really love seeing everything come together as the finished look emerges. A good cut on a guy makes a huge difference!

Source: Mario Tridente

Most meaningful experience as a stylist: As stylists, we all know we get some really hard cases that sit in our chair every now and then. I had a new guest come in with over-processed blonde hair; chemical cuts galore, breakage at the crown, unbelievable frizz. What all blondes fear, she was going through it. My guest just looked defeated when she glanced in the mirror and it broke my heart because she was such a beautiful and sweet girl. The more we discussed her hair, she told me how the breakage had cut her density by almost half. I had to do everything I could for her because I wanted her to leave feeling confident.

I had just finished my product training on Nutriplenish, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to see this new product in action. I went the extra mile with this client, adding the Nutriplenish oil into the conditioner when I was washing her hair. When I started brushing her hair out, she stopped mid-stroke and asked if I had put in a detangler or serum. I let her know I didn’t use anything besides the new line, and she was shocked. She let me know she hadn’t been able to get a brush through her hair with no product since before her bad coloring experience.

After I finished trimming and blowing out her hair, she and I were both shocked. The hair laid beautifully, the texture was soft and bouncy, the frizz non-existent, and the shine was blinding. She said she never thought her hair would look that good again and was so thankful. I was so happy to give someone back that pep of confidence. She looked in the mirror, gave herself a hair flip, and pursed her lips. I knew I made a difference for her right then.

Fun fact about you: I am a lefty, but cut righty! Also, I blow out and use my clippers with both of my hands.


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Crystal Pratt, @colormecrystal on Insta

Favorite thing about being a stylist: My favorite thing about my job is the education.

Years in the industry: I have been in the industry for nine years and at Pyure Aveda for eight years. I work at the Coconut Creek location.

Favorite Aveda product: My favorite product is Air Control because it is a classic that can be used for many things.

Specialty: My specialties are upstyling and cutting!


Source: @colormecrystal on Insta

Most meaningful experience as a stylist: One of my greatest stories as a stylist is that one time I did a bride’s hair for her wedding and she said it was amazing. She told me it was “better then she could have imagined,” and came back in to let me know how beautiful she felt.

Fun fact about you: I have been published in Lucy Magazine for doing a Victoria’s Secret model’s hair!